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Siren Logistics and Supply Chain Reviews

RAS Delivery Services, Inc.

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Google Map of S82W18848 Gemini Drive
 , Siren, 53150, United States
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RAS Delivery Services, Inc.

Industry: Logistics and Supply Chain
Founded: 1991
Phone: 961 546 4875

S82W18848 Gemini Drive
Siren, Wisconsin 53150

United States

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RAS Delivery Services, Inc. Reviews

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Marilyn Hill
United States
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1 year ago
Very good service. (I'd give it a "5".) Delivery staff wes on time, they were careful in the set-up and worked to make sure everything was handled right. Only problem was an error in the truck placement, and our streetside mailbox was hit and damaged. (The street is somewhat narrow, and the truck was long, so it was not difficult to understand how it happened.) The driver was very appologetic and offered repairs but we declined. Otherwise it was a good experience and we approved of the service.

United States
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1 year ago
Worst experience EVER! Purchased on Nov 25 2017, and after 5 attempts to deliver we finally received everything January 23, 2018. First time the truck broke down. Second time they didn't know how to install. Third time they didn't have anything on the truck. Fourth time they showed up with the washer only. Fifth time the brought the pedestal washer, dryer and base. This company does NOT have their own delivery employees, they are a management company only, hiring most anyone with a truck who claim they can install appliances. Home Depot should be ashamed to let this horrible company represent them. Every time I called them on the phone they put me on hold for 20 minutes then hung up. What kind of customer service is that. I cannot tell you how many calls I made to get this straightened out. They offered me $200 compensation. Told me 5-7 days to get the check. That was 2+ weeks ago. They told me the check was right there, waiting to go in the mail. Liars! Again, let me state this was the WORST delivery experience ever, yes, ever. And the hierarchy is ridiculous. Home Depot hires GE to manage the delivery of their appliances, GE hires RAS to make the actual deliveries, RAS as I stated hires anyone with a big truck. All communication is via email, so no one really takes ownership of problems. For the record Lowes has their appliances delivered to the store, they inspect them, call their delivery company to pickup from the store and take to the local customer. They use QPS Logistics. #hindsight

Ted Moskonas
United States
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2 year ago
The RAS crew delivered our washer and dryer on time and within the time frame we were told. The crew was efficient, friendly, and knowledgeable. I was really impressed with how quickly they removed the old appliances and installed the new ones. They took the time necessary to answer our questions and made certain we were comfortable with the appliances. The whole process took less than half and hour. I'd give them 5 stars across the board. I would have no hesitation having them deliver other appliances to our home.

antonio abuan
United States
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3 year ago
The delivery made was very timely and the people who delivered the product knows what they were doing. They did an excellent job and i am well pleased with this delivery. I hope they keep up with the kind of excellence the people who made the delivery.

Jon C. Potter
United States
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3 year ago
I bought an LG 22 CU FT Side by side on line from Home Depot. It arrived on 9/30/2015 and two men tried to force the stainless steel refrigerator through the back door. It finally fit .These two men kept talking about their next stop/how busy they were ,etc.. One guy was white and one black. The two were told that our old refrig was still hooked up to the water line and it was on.. They commenced to pull to pull the refrigerator out so far that it would not move any further do to the copper water line connection. They were going to try to hook the new one up but the after shutting the water off they saw they had ripped/put a leak in the copper line about 1"from where it exits the floor.. They left the water line as is and merely put the new refrig in with no ice or water. They tried to get me to sign their contract stating this and that. I refused to agree that no damage had been done. He still tried to ink over that. Regardless, I was told they' would send a plumber out to install a new copper line with a shutoff valve behind the refgrigerator and use the nylon/apex tubing to connect the he water line to the refrig...I have been through three compression fittings and bought two tube cutters as the compression fitting is in a very bad place due to the leak they caused by pulling so hard. I am very worried about leaks in our floor from the compression fitting connection. I have the 6"or so of copper tubing that shows where they tore it up..

B. Englerth
United States
IP: **.**.***.232

3 year ago
I bought a washer from Home Depot and the two men that delivered my maching were very nice and did a very good job installing the new machine and hauling away the old one.. I was very happy with the service.

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