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TELUS Mobileaxs

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TELUS Mobileaxs

Industry: Telecommunications
Phone: 792 763 3630

130 King Street West
Torrance, Ontario


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TELUS Mobileaxs Reviews

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Trish Whitewood
British Isles
IP: **.***.***.181

3 year ago
Just placed my order for my new iPhone 7 through my corporate plan with mobileaxs. I called into the mobileaxs customer service and spoke with Liam who helped me make my decision as to which phone to go with. I am super indecisive when making large purchases but he were soo helpful, knowledgeable it was a pleasure to deal with him. It is not often you can call into a Customer Service department and get a rep that actually cares about the customer.

I then proceeded to place my order directly on their website. The ordering process was very user friendly and now I'm excited to receive my new phone. :)

I will say, this experience was a breath of fresh air and I would recommend mobileaxs to anyone who is in need of a TELUS cellphone. They actually take their time with their clients, work with them to evaluate their needs and assist with making the right decision.

Thanks again and keep up the good work.!

Prashant Tarkar
United States
IP: ***.***.***.109

4 year ago
I order a Note4 for corporate plan through "mobileaxes" site who is unfortunately provides corporate plans for TELUS. I booked the order on 20 Nov 2015. As per their site, the wait time was 8-10 business days. So I called them on 1 Dec & again on 3rd Dec to check the status of my order. They keep on telling me that the request is pending with TELUS as they are taking time to setup account. They also told me that they will take 15 days more to process the order due to holiday season. Finally in frustration, I cancelled my order on 7 Dec 2015. I received a email also for cancellation confirmation. To my surprise I received a mail in my mail box on 14 Dec 2015 which was for my first bill of TELUS for which I never received a phone. When I checked the bill, the account was already activated on 1 Dec 2015 as they charged me from 1 Dec 2015.

This is very pathetic service from MobileAxes who provides mobile solutions for corporate employees. They unnecessarily waste my 2-3 weeks without any outcome.


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