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Google Map of 492 St Kilda Raod, Melbourne, 3000, Australia
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Guymer Lynnch

Founded: 2010
Phone: 811 596 1319

492 St Kilda Raod
Melbourne, Victoria 3000


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3 year ago
Shane Guymer owes us $95,000.00 in outstanding invoices. He is uncontactable, no one is at his office. By the sounds of it he is an expert in ripping people off.

How can he go on holidays, drive nice cars, send his kids to nice schools when he owes so many people so much money,

Someone should contact Today Tonight, a Current Affair, 60 Minutes etc. We may not get our money back but we may as well shame him as publicly as possible.

People need to know he is someone to never trust or do business with.

IP: ***.**.***.236

3 year ago
Guymer Lynnch homes is closed and not trading ,He has done a lot of damage across Melbourne. Homes are rotting vandalised and people walking though homes and stealing goods .shane guymer is a heartless man a modern day robber. He and his wife drive nice cars live in luxury,while a lot of his clients are paying rent and a mortgage and trying to survive. Not Shane he's been on holidays not once but twice in 2016 Nov DEC .Wonder what it's like having money hidden away .and not needing to pay your bills or your contractors that s right Shane your tradies who might be licensed or not we will never know. This person will never be dealt with as the system is as bad and corrupt as he is, please never ever ever build with this so called companie you will go to hell and back you will lose your money time and sleep. just watch the VCAT hearing web site and you will see he has is own seat. its as cold as he is he never turns up. That is all a part of the system that supports builders to not turn up so they are not accountable. What are we all going to do about it??? please write your expressions on how we change this displorable system. We need to all stand up and become a voice to create the new regulatory body .Victoria home owners are bleeding .

Yours sincerely one of many Victims in Victoria

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3 year ago
He is NOT a builder he is a salesman.
He will ruin your dream of building your family home. He signs you up takes your money and you won't hear from him or see any work done. He puts every bit of blame on the customer.
He will use excuses:
I can't find tradesmen
You are building a custom made home
The weather - it's too hot or it's raining
He is having family issues
He will find any excuse
He does NOT finish building homes.
Do yourself a favour and do your research and do not sign with this scum!

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3 year ago
After reading all of these reviews I can't believe how lucky we have being to get our deposit back of this guy.
We had to get solicitor involved but got our money back in august 2016 after waiting 9 months for him to start. I feel so sorry for all the people who are waiting to have their houses finished.
It's hard enough to get on the property ladder without getting screwed over by this guy.
Fingers crossed you all get sorted out and this guy gets what's coming to him.
He deserves to go to jail for this

IP: ***.**.**.30

3 year ago
Its amazing how one man can ruin so many lives and still say he is the victim. This man goes to sleep at night with out a conches. He is playing the system. but the system will catch up with him soon .Money is running out suppliers are close in .VCAT will wake up.so will VBA .Customs will be at your door soon its a bit like the old days a lynching .you have left a lot of people in a bad state you can no longer be trusted or have or respect your business name is mud .One day your kids will thank you for making your sir name famous.as the man who DESTOYED so many lives and you will have the pleasure and explaining that to them .I can hear it now my dad is a lining dog sorry to all the dog lover out there SHANE GUYMER HAS NOT GOT A VIABLE BUSINESS KEEP AWAY FROM THIS REVOTING PERSON HE CAN NOT BUILD A CUBBIEHOUSE LITTLE LONE A HOUSE HE HAS A HISTORY OF DISTUTION. please write to VBA if you have had experiences with guymer lynnch

Fed Up
IP: ***.***.**.193

3 year ago
Shane has been getting plenty of air conditioning this Summer because he has been at VCAT every day for the past 5 days at least. Each time with a different unhappy customer. He would surely need the air conditioning because he must be working up a bit of a sweat by now. Just google Shane Guymer, VCAT and you will be directed to the Upcoming Hearings on the VCAT website and you will see His name. You would think alarm bells would be raised by now with VCAT and the VBA. He needs to be taken to task for his actions!!!!

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