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Guymer Lynnch

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Google Map of 492 St Kilda Raod, Melbourne, 3000, Australia
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Guymer Lynnch

Founded: 2010
Phone: 811 596 1319

492 St Kilda Raod
Melbourne, Victoria 3000


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craig and sathya
United States
IP: ***.***.*.175

4 year ago
At first we had had problems GL and we met with mr GUYMER himself and ARON from Ecg wealth an even though our house is 4/5 months late.MR GUYMER has promised us he will do a reverse build at his own expense and have a quality home finished by mid may.I hope he keeps his word, please watch this site,as we will give honest feedback about Guymer Lynch, please pray for us

IP: *.***.**.89

4 year ago
Fantastic!! Thanks a million to all the staff at GL for making our experience as stress free as possible.

We love our new home and so does everyone that visits us. We had minimal issues through the process, which were quickly resolved without any hastles.

Four months down the track and everything is still as perfect as the day we moved in.

We're so happy with our decision to build with GL and have no problem recommending them as a reputable builder.

IP: *.***.**.137

4 year ago
Took over the keys to our new house last week and really happy with the results. Would recommend Guymer Lynnch to anyone looking to build, the customer service was top-notch and the quality of the finish has not disappointed. They bent over backwards to get hold of the tiles my wife wanted and really tried hard to make sure we got the look we were after.

Liana and Tom
IP: ***.***.**.92

4 year ago
I seriously can't believe the things that have been written on here about Guymer Lynch. My husband has known Shane on a professional level for many years and we regularly build investment properties through Guymer Lynch without experiencing any of the issues outlined in the reviews on here. I was at the Guymer Lynch office only 4 days ago for a colour selection and I can vouch to the fact that they are not in any way closing their doors.

My husband and I have always found Shane and the team at Guymer Lynch to be extremely helpful and if there have been delays on site there has always been a good reason. I recall on one occasion our Architect had made an error in the plans and that caused a delay in going to site but these are the types of things that we take into account when starting a new project.

Some of the reviews on here are just plain character assassination and we have always found our experiences in dealing with Guymer Lynch to reflect the complete opposite. We have always found Shane to be very accomodating and we will continue to choose Guymer Lynch for our building projects.

sathya and craig
IP: ***.**.*.42

4 year ago
We had GUYMER LYNCH recommended to us by ECG wealth ,we have paid $10,500 deposit and a 4 1/2 months of BS they have still not started the build,so we did some research into them to find out alot of bad stuff,we are in contact with ECG WEALTH and are hoping they will step in and get us another builder,but we will not pay GUYMER LYNCH ANOTHER CENT.We do not know how ECG WEALTH could recommend these dodgy builders unless they are involved with them or they are very incompetent,is there anything we can do to get our money back,we will keep you posted as to ECG WEALTHS response....... very pissed

unhappy chappy
IP: ***.**.***.214

4 year ago
Glad we found this site. Have been struggling with guymer lynnch since building permit issued months ago. Can't seem to get anyone on site to actually start our build. No site supervisor, multiple false dates for site works when you eventually get a reply from office. Don't know how to get out without being stung more than we have. Just paying interest on a muddy patch!

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