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David MacDonald-Hockey Family Advisor

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Google Map of 612 Windmill Road, Dartmouth, B3B 1B5, Canada
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David MacDonald-Hockey Family Advisor

Founded: 2007
Phone: 1-866-577-1234

612 Windmill Road
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia B3B 1B5


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David MacDonald-Hockey Family Advisor Reviews

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H MacKay
IP: **.***.**.205

2 year ago
David Macdonald presents himself as being a responsible ethical business, however his actions suggest that his pedigree is less than honest..

Myth number one: David Macdonald has never played, or coached hockey at any time. He did manage to run a Junior A team in Halifax and was asked to leave his position.

David Macdonald leads people to believe he was going to finance a team in Maine, when in reality he invested nothing and left behind bankruptcy and debt.

Myth Number Two: David Macdonald was a successful business person when in fact he has bankrupted or closed several businesses including: Downeast Beer Factory, King Edward Inn, Natural Elements and ICI Lease Experts

Myth number three: David is a fair minded honest person. David Macdonald by his own admission submitted articles detailing his malfeasance to Tim Bousquet at the Halifax Examiner.

If you trust this individual history shows you may be disappointed. Do your due diligence all these items are a matter of record.

Save yourself the drama and find someone else.

Harold Wood
IP: **.***.***.0

2 year ago
I am in the process of buying the most amazing property from this gentleman. It seems that he got it from a bad fellow who had done him (and three other well respected gentlemen) wrong, and after some legal actions he ended up with all this fellow's (and his wife's) assets..... at least all of those which were not already mortgaged to the hill....., even those things that had been hidden away in the evil's one's (his wife's) mother's name. Anyway's it was quite a story, and one that will become well known.

Anyways. this beautiful property on the Myra River, with a cottage and a trailer. David did not have it long, as he flipped it as soon as he took possession, but it had real pride of ownership, and you could tell that someone really had planned to use it as a hide-away from all the noise of the big city.

I think I will name it after my hometown of Lewiston (or is that Louiston).... I never seem to get that straight. "Chez Maineiacs", in recognition of the former owners.

James Ryerson
IP: **.***.***.61

3 year ago
David Macdonald is a crook he has been bankrupt 8 times and has fabricated his resume. He came to my town Louiston Maine in search of partners, sponsors and investors to start up a Junior club here. The entire community was excited and invested. He then took all our the investors money and disappeared back to Canada! Left these poor people out of pocket with no team to show for it . He also runs the hockey family advisor in Halifax now. Do not support this man with your hars earned money or his programs. Hes an absolute crook and liar.

IP: **.***.**.207

3 year ago
Complete money grab. Do not waste your time or money with the person and his agency. Over the past 3 years he has reached out to our family 3 times, using text messages to wish our son "Happy New Year" and to ask twice "how's it going". When we questioned him on what activities he was working , his reply back was "Junior hockey is a business" and "parents need to let the process work". Well, 3 years into the "process" and our son has made more headway by reaching out directly to schools on his own.
Also, when asked about our son's NCAA Eligibility Center status (we had submitted documents on our own), David replied that he was "unaware" of some of the "new" criteria and processes. There's always an excuse. "I was ill". "I was in the hospital". "We had a family emergency". Always a different excuse. Stay far away from this person and company.

United States
IP: ***.***.**.95

4 year ago
DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!! I paid $5000 up front and with the exception of the first phone call to my son to get his profile, he never called him again, unless prompted by me. He never returned phone calls, I have emails that I sent him with no response, He never saw my kid play and the only thing he would say is " things are in the pipeline". As an advisor, you would think you would see your clients play a game at least once. I would sue him if he wasn't in Canada but can only say beware of this guy and do not hire him. I have documentation of 2 years of no response from him and nothing but excuses. 7 months into our contract, he stated in an email my son was just an "average player", but didn't hesitate on our initial call to tell me he only takes top players as clients. He's unethical, lazy and did nothing for us. SAVE YOUR MONEY, TIME AND FRUSTRATION. I have proof to back up everything I wrote and have no problem passing along this information to anyone to prevent them from making the same mistake I did. In 2 years, the only thing he did was get him a spot on ONE tournament, that we could have easily done ourselves. We weren't contacted by one coach on the collegiate level ( D1, D2 or D3). STAY AWAY

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