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1800ADJUSTERS Public Adjusters work for you, the policyholder, to get you all the money you deserve for your Hurricane Sandy property damage. No recovery, no fee; licensed and bonded. We are professionals who fight for you to get the most from your insurance company for your storm damage, water damage, flood dama

Industry: Insurance
Phone: 308 618 4186

Guilderland Center, New York

United States

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hannah Amaranter
United States
IP: ***.***.***.194

2 year ago
David Romano is a person I strongly advise you to stay away from. He's corrupted, lazy and very unprofessional. He abandoned my claimed and left me to handle everything on my own but even after I finally got the insurance company to pay me almost 2 years later, he felt entitled to collect payment from me. Please I am advising you to avoid him and avoid being a victim of his unethical practice and making your already unfortunate experience a complete nightmare. Hope this helps your chose the right professional to assist you with your claim.

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