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 Cinnamon Park, Fearnhead, WA2 0XP, United Kingdom
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MDS Solutions MDS are a leading provider of private cloud solutions for convergent real-time charging, billing and customer management; including MNVO services.

Founded: 1997
Phone: 122 375 7057

Network House Cinnamon Park
Fearnhead, Cheshire WA2 0XP

United Kingdom

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Mr Smith
United Kingdom
IP: ***.**.*.223

7 year ago
MDS were a key partner for the major mobile provider I worked for. MDS were very good at weaving themselves into our business in such a complex and entangled way such to be almost impossible to move away from their platforms to another provider. Their systems proved to be highly inflexible and unable to respond to changing market demands, and holding us back as a business. Simple changes to our mobile tariffs cost thousands of pounds, and took several days to do. There are some great foot soldiers at MDS, but the senior management team were arogant and self consumed - in particular Products and Marketing.

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