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Warner Chilcott

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Google Map of 100 Enterprise Drive
 , Hamilton/Princeton Area, 07866, United States
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Warner Chilcott On October 1, 2013, Actavis (NYSE: ACT) announced the acquisition of Warner Chilcott plc, creating a leading specialty pharmaceutical company.

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Industry: Pharmaceuticals
Founded: 1968
Phone: 748 967 2946

100 Enterprise Drive
Hamilton/Princeton Area, Nebraska 07866

United States

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Warner Chilcott Reviews

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5 year ago
Clinical Operations one of the last remaining depts at WC. Management is horrible to their employees and I feel sorry for anyone new who joins them. It's torture to work for them as they mistreat, devalue, micromanage every single employee (even for the minor of things), management will never be your support as they will test you over and over. I was with the company for 3 yrs and have joined many who have left the company for the very same reason. So beware!

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