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Google Map of Kunov 348, Bratislava, 90501, Slovak Republic
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K9 Ambassador K9 Ambassador are specialist in training and supplying highly trained Executive Personal Protection Dogs. Buy The Right Device For Your Protection! Guaranteed Protection 24/7! Personal delivery and handler course worldwide.

Industry: Professional Training and Coaching
Founded: 2008
Phone: 853 867 4418

Kunov 348
Bratislava, 90501

Slovak Republic

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K9 Ambassador Reviews

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United Kingdom
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2 year ago
Payed a large amount of money for a dog of bo, well over a year and half ago, ordered a dog, drak which after a long wait and a lot of messing around,he arrived after 6 months, as soon as he arrived, the dog was not at all well, which he took back to Slovakia, then told us that he wasn't well and would have to be put down, some problem with his bowel system,so we had to wait another 6 months for a new one Zeus, Zeus arrived with out bo this time, they sent Martin, one off his staff, who sues had lived with for his training, they said he was 16 month old, which I don't believe, after Martin had stayed for a few days of training, he left and Zeus would not do any of his commands, ripped my offices to bits and caused a fair bit of damage, could not let him of the lead, because he would not come back, this dog was still a puppy, so we informed bo that we wasn't happy, to which he said to send the dog back and he would refund us, for about 6 months now, we have not been refunded, never answers calls, and when he does , just lies, andhow he is busy, so BE AWARE before you purchase anything from k9 ambassador, I would not buy a dog cage of them, been very fair with bo up until now, so it's time for legal action,

IP: *.***.***.162

4 year ago
Hi,in January 2015 I bought from this company bitch Fleur at a price of 5700€.Fleur is a dog without training.After a week Fleur became ill and almost died.At my request when it was last wormed I wait until today 28.05.2015.So far cost the animal me with all expenses ower 7000€.
To this day,I have no papers of Fleur ,no vaccination certificate and no export papers.In this company ,it's all about money and the director Bohus Mica is a cheater and a liar.

United Kingdom
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5 year ago
Hi, I have bought a dog from this company and the dog was very dangerous. I had to return the dog with promise of refund. I have been waiting now for 3 months and still haven't received it. This company has the dog which is technically still mine and my money. I had to hire a lawyer to claim my money back. Won't recomened this company, please be aware.

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