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Mirafra Technologies

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Google Map of #23, Industrial Layout, 5th Block
 Koramangala, Valencia, 560095, India
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Mirafra Technologies

Founded: 2004
Phone: 302 241 4403

#23, Industrial Layout, 5th Block Koramangala
Valencia, Karnataka 560095


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4 year ago
We worked as vendors for mirafra in recruitment . Dont feel its a reliable client .

Without your knowledge they process your candidates to their clients . you will get feedback with most of the candidates as duplicate/reject/hold . AFter 3 months they will recruiter the same candidates ... No proper response even if you raise the issue to sr. mang. Placement agencies beware working to this client .

For signing up many co. says after the first closure . But before the first closure only if they cheat small vendors like us dont understand how we survive in the market

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