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Texas Mutual Insurance Company

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Texas Mutual Insurance Company Texas Mutual is Texas leading provider of workers comp insurance. Find information and services for employers, agents, workers and health care providers.

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Industry: Insurance
Founded: 1991
Phone: 322 624 3009

King or Prussia,

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Texas Mutual Insurance Company Reviews

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Inadequate Manag
United States
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4 month ago
The Managers are highly inadequate, they lie and steal ideas from the Employees and try to pass it on as their own suggestions. They also are very punitive and have an extreme micro-management philosophy! The Managers look for every possible reason to (prevent the Employees) from qualifying for their well-earned Bonuses. Yet the Managers are quick to make sure to get their high percentage bonus at the detriment to the Employees, who are treated very unfairly by these imbecile Managers. They will write fabricated performance reviews attacking the Employees. Many long-term Employees have been fired, that's how TX Mutual Insurance cleans out the roster of Older Employees or Employees who are not favored. Very cliquish work place, this also involves their In-House Counsel, if you do not pander to them, then rest assure you will be hunted, attacked & eventually terminated! Also In order to receive Health Benefits at a low premium the EE must release all their private Health information & provide blood samples annually to prove they are Healthy. Plus EEs are forced to report daily their sleep, diet & exercise routine ... etc. It's all posted on TX Mutual's on-line diary to monitor the EEs health routines - very invasive. Otherwise if you don't participate in volunteering your Health Info then your Health Premium is extremely higher priced. Terrible place to work!

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