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IIT Research Institute

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Google Map of 10 West 35th Street
 , Wilmette, 60616, United States
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IIT Research Institute

Industry: Biotechnology
Phone: 726 528 2305

10 West 35th Street
Wilmette, Illinois 60616

United States

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IIT Research Institute Reviews

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Jessica Humphrey
United States
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2 year ago
IITRI is an established, patriarchal culture, set in their ways. At the end of the day there is one person calling the shots. It is a culture of bullying, passive aggressiveness, and games that affect everyone. The senior management is fully responsible for how established and ingrained this culture is from the top down. HR is only one very resilient woman and the board of directors of the university (IIT) seems to care not.

There are brilliant, wonderful people at IITRI that I thoroughly enjoyed worked with. The science is stellar with some very niche, expert service offerings that this team executes with extremely high skill. I thought so much of this team, I spoke up often about the deficits and shortcomings, especially regarding what were needed to get business closed. I brought to them opportunities by high volume and this team repeatedly failed to execute on my behalf. I was not authorized to put out quotes or proposals and waiting for 2 months, longer, or indefinitely for quotes and proposals to sponsors was a regular occurrence.

The more I spoke up, pushed back and voiced the need for team support to execute, the more I was met with rule changes, strategy changes, commission plan changes and threats of being fired. Earned credit was actually taken away for accounts I already won! I spoke up about this also. And I spoke up about management calling people names.

I was terminated for lack of performance, obviously.

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