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IFX Soccer Are you dreaming of playing soccer internationally. With IFX soccer training programs you get to train & compete with international pro, semi-pro, and youth clubs!

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Industry: Sports
Founded: 2003
Phone: +1 510.599.GOAL

84 Dublin Drive
Pleasant Hill, California 94523

United States

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IFX Soccer Reviews

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Elson Pllumbi
IP: **.**.**.145

2 year ago
Hi my names Elson Pllumbi and I was in the IFX Pro Year program 2016/2017. I left the program half way through keep reading to find out why. If you are an aspiring soccer player motivated and trying to play at highest level possible please do not waste your time and money with this "program". Countless talented players have come here and were sent to clubs that do not even pay players a dime and train 2 maximum sometimes 3 times a week. Their only concern is taking your money and that's it. Even if you are a division4 quality player, you will be sent to a division6 club because it is better for the program's name I can assure you this as it is exactly what was told to me when I asked for a trial at a higher club even after paying $15,000 out of my pocket. For $15,000 the cost of the pro year program and $2500 1 month program you will train/sign with d6 and d7 clubs maybe even a d8 club. You can go to those clubs on your own cost free and have a tryout by just paying the bus ticket to get there. You can also arrange a language school visa on your own by just finding a school and paying €400 a month. Jose and Micheal Carlson do not care whatsoever about your soccer career as this program is intended more so for guys looking for an experience in germany also drinking age is 18 so a lot of the guys are just trying to have fun before going to college etc. If you are trying to play soccer in Germany my email is [email protected] I can give you all the advice I have, visa procedure, clubs, contact information, etc. IFX is a career killer please do not waste your time with these people.

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