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Google Map of 17/303 Collins St
 , Southgate, 3000, Australia
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IMA Management and Technology IMA Management & Technology is a boutique information technology and management consulting firm that provides strategic planning, project management, business analysis and specialist technical expertise to deliver successful business and technology solutions.

Industry: Information Technology and Services
Founded: 2004
Phone: 378 562 8530

17/303 Collins St
Southgate, Victoria 3000


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IMA Management and Technology Reviews

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4 year ago
Hire and fire policy.
I was hired as a project manager by IMA and deputed at one of the client locations. Client later found that they dont need me and closed my position. IMA could not retain me and they fired. I was a permanent employee. So BIG NO to IMA. They are just a start up firm and lack in many aspects. Go to them only when you don't have anything in hand but never ever go when you have a job in hand. Keep them as a last option.

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