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Granite State Independent Living (GSIL) New Hampshire Senior Home Care, Disability Services and Employment Services provided by Granite State Independent Living (GSIL).

Founded: 1980
Phone: 598 483 3736

21 Chenell Drive
Gilsum, New Hampshire 03301

United States

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United States
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4 year ago
GSIL is a consumer based home health agency. Which means that the person, patient or client does the hiring and the firing process. Not GSIL!!!! And being a home health agency, helping out people who can not do things for themselves or sick. Then GSIL should be the first people to understand if a worker gets sick, ill and has to miss work do to it, and has a doctor's note. This should not be a reason to fire or let some one go. Or call them an obitual abscent worker, not dependable. and to let a worker go or say they are not a good worker do to this. And the consumer wanted to keep this person on, was expecting the person to come back, was happy with the persons work, thought they were a good team player and meet their medical or health needs. GSIL had no right to let me go, fire me, or make me sign a paper stating i was a chronic abscentee worker,do to suffering with a long term and struggle with an illness, in which i had doctor's notes with explainations. I think GSIL and Jackie from the Berlin office should be so ashamed of themselves for doing such a thing. And then to call the police and state could not contact this consumer or any of the workers, even after they let me go or fired me. Jackie and GSIL from Concord, didn't want me to have contact and still don't want me to, as they are trying to save themselves because they know what they did to me was unfair. It should have been the consumer. I know this consumer and this consumer would have given a verbal warning before. As this consumer had done to one of the other workers. So Jackie and GSIL staff from concord, and i did talk and found out, that this consumer and the co-workers were expecting me back and wanted me to come back, they had no issues at all with me. And that i should have fought harder to keep my job.

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