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 , Brooklyn, 10006, United States
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Founded: 2008
Phone: 282 773 9190

45 Broadway
Brooklyn, New York 10006

United States

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Ann W
United States
IP: **.***.***.49

5 year ago
I have the same issue. I have happened to see my name here and saw incorrect information and displaying information that is not supposed to. I have never listed my name and information here and i just saw it and surprised me. Inaccurate information.

United States
IP: ***.***.**.238

5 year ago
I found my company's name listed on here by pure chance. They listed inaccurate information. I don't know how they can possibly list my company name & address without my authorization. They have someone else listed as the president and inaccurate income.

United States
IP: ***.**.***.220

6 year ago
They license their data from Dun & Bradstreet. They have some very powerful data mining tools on the site. You can find any type of company based on size, industry, location etc.... And you can also create personal prospect lists. I am shocked that this site is free. I used to subscribe to infofree.com. As soon as I found out about Buzzfile I canceled. Check out the advanced search http://www.buzzfile.com/Search/Advanced

United States
IP: **.***.**.122

7 year ago
they use other business names like yours then post it online to make link money off your name with bait and switch scam = site buzzfile, they dont retrn calls Watch out scam alert Action is has been senbt to the fed to stop these folks use and get Royalties owed from the use of our names

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