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Zylo Restaurant

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Google Map of 225 River Street, Penns Grove, 07030, United States
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Zylo Restaurant

Industry: Restaurants
Phone: 651 928 1468

225 River Street
Penns Grove, New Jersey 07030

United States

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Zylo Restaurant Reviews

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Joe C.
United States
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4 year ago
Went here last night for a work dinner, and was generally disappointed This was my second time here. I had been about 2 years ago, and had what I thought was an excellent rib-eye. This was part of the reason I suggested to my colleagues we go here. Upon arrival, during small talk with the bartender, he informed us that Zylo was no longer a steakhouse, which I did not know. It showed in their steaks. Half the table got the Filet, and the other half, including myself, got the Rib-Eye. Everyone agreed the steak was mediocre. The big flavor didn't seem to be there, the sear I love on my steaks was missing, and like I said before, was just generally disappointed. Maybe I am being a bit harsh, but when you charge the prices they do, there are high expectations. The apps we got were good (the entree scallops dish we got as an app was excellent), but other than that, I just can't see myself returning, and there within lies the reason for the 2 star rating. If you do decide to come here, I do think you are better off ordering main courses besides the steaks. Service was very good, I should also mention.

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