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Ecojoules LTD

Industry: Environmental Services
Phone: 714 581 4091

44 Skylines Village, Lime Harbour
152 City Road, Greater London E14 9TS

United Kingdom

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Ecojoules LTD Reviews

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Eric Dart
United Kingdom
IP: **.**.**.25

4 year ago
I have had a cold call via a door-to-door approach in my neighbourhood by Eco Joules Ltd. The representative was trying to sign people up for what he claimed was the Government Free Insulation Scheme. He claimed that they performed the installation of any insulation work and that it would all be done free of any charges. I did not sign-up but did check the claims made by the representative. It turns out that whilst the Company appears to operate legit ably, its own Website declares that they forward interested parties on to local installation companies. This is not too honest when the Eco Joules are presented the case that they will be undertaking the work.
Looking into the claims that any work secured by themselves would be free of any charges appears to be inconsistent with the UK Government’s Website for the Green Deal. Accredited Green Deal assessment are required and if you are not receiving certain finance benefits, the assessment appear to suggest that you will receive a grant toward the installation. Additionally, the Eco Joule Website liberally displays information about the Government Green Deal, but on checking the Government’s Website to see if Eco Joule are registered with the scheme it appears that they are not. They have no staff who can undertake the Green Deal Assessment, appear not to have their own installers and further seem to project their capability beyond the reality that they seek members of the public who wish to undertake insulation work and make money as a referral agent to real Green Deal registered installers and assessors.

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