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Google Map of 12750 Jefferson Davis Hghway
 #165, Lafayette Hill PA, 23831, United States
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Industry: Professional Training and Coaching
Founded: 2002
Phone: 533 980 8967

12750 Jefferson Davis Hghway #165
Lafayette Hill PA, Virginia 23831

United States

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2 year ago
This is not an adequate service and left me highly unsatisfied. Instructor is not qualified nor certified to instruct PfMP. Many misleading promises from website."This course is for the Portfolio manager who is preparing to take the exam and wants to ensure passing on the first try!"
I failed way below target first try despite diligently following every bit of instruction. Passed well above target second try when studied on my own.
"All materials that are needed to ensure your first-time pass are included."
Not correct. Instructor showed up late without necessary materials. Availability is also not as advertised. "The PfMP credential is the most difficult to earn out of PMI's family of credentials." Nope - I was accepted first try without help from instructor...Also not true. Moreover, coaching potential applicants who may not be qualified on how to pass the screening dilutes the quality of the certification. "A dedicated adviser who will be there for you before, during, and after the class. They will answer your questions and help you complete your application to PMI if needed." I have documentation that shows this as completely false. Instructor was not available for help after the course."In addition, with this course, you will receive: 100+ page student workbook" Nope - workbook was 12 pages of content that was not on the test. "The Program Management Guide 3rd edition PMBOK 5th edition" Nope."600+ Practice exams with detailed explanations" Not really, more like 340 practice questions from an author who is not PfMP and the answers are subjectively and vaguely written."
Do not fund this bootcamp- not nearly close to worth the money and I was left highly unsatisfied.

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