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Bascelli Jeffrey R

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Google Map of 401 Hamburg Turnpike, Belmar, 07470, United States
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Bascelli Jeffrey R The Bascelli Law Group specializes in trust, estate, disability, elder care planning, and elder law. For more information please call the number provided.

Industry: Law Practice
Phone: 599 968 1122

401 Hamburg Turnpike
Belmar, New Jersey 07470

United States

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Bascelli Jeffrey R Reviews

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United States
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3 year ago
Do yourself a favor and don't use this guy. Nasty and rude attitude. He makes you think your hefty fee covers everything, but after he collects his money, he gets nasty when you seek his assistance and makes it known that he wants nothing to do with you anymore. Uncaring law firm. Never answers the phone and only responds by email. Poor communication, doesn't provide clear answers that are even somewhat understandable. Save yourself the agony and find someone else.

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