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HomeCorp Group

Founded: 2004
Phone: 574 185 5126

Surfers Paradise
Hay Point, Queensland


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4 year ago
Homecorp Constructions should not be able to call themselves builders we have bought through this company and promised the world. But when it comes down to finishing touches of our house everything is appaling from the paint all over finished brick work to chipped tiles and fence pailings falling off within weeks of completion all the materials throughout the house are of the cheapest possible and yet they tell you its the best quality. Everything is shipped over from overseas and stored on site. The supervisors and the office staff were none existent throughout the whole process but where only able to get ahold of them once a payment was due.
They are very quick to take your money but when the time comes to come fix all defects you are unable to get ahold of them. the estate we have bought in looks disgraceful with rubbish everywhere and nearby parks riddled with rubbish . after final evaluation the bank had let us know that the house is under valued by at least $50k so instead of buying a house for $400k expecting it to be Valued at that it was a huge shock when it came in at $350.
Be careful if looking to buy through this company there are a lot better builders out there look elsewhere and get the quality everyone deserves.

Jeanie Deans
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6 year ago
We were conned into buying an investment home at Zilzie Bay near Yeppoon. Told we would only outlay $100.00 week but it has turned into an absolute nightmare. We are currently outlaying more than $280 a week and now the tenants want to break their lease 1/2 way through to get cheaper rent. Issue we now face is that the price of houses in this area have dropped more than $80,000 - $90,000 which leaves us holding the bag for nearly $90,000 out of pocket and a loan repayment of $2301 a month. We were going to retire at this house but the estate looks appalling and half finished, not very inviting. Homecorp have conned us well and truly. If we bought an investment home ourselves we would have been laughing instead of stressed out.

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