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AVIQUA, LLC AVIQUA - Interactive advertising, media operations and sales support - DOUBLECLICK, 24/7 REAL MEDIA OPEN ADSTREAM, ATLAS, ADJUGGLER

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Industry: Marketing and Advertising
Founded: 2002

238 Robinson Street
Ellsiville, Rhode Island 02879

United States

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United States
IP: ***.***.***.170

2 year ago
Same as the others. Nothing in the box except a card which gave nothing on directions of use, cost or any phone numbers.

Then the shock of the credit card charge. Who can afford that.

Called and after hearing the script, hung up. Another called me back but right off was to ship a free product which no longer want their stuff.

Gave a partial refund but asked if could return it but afraid it would be a run around on the phone to get it done so no thanks. No trusting.

Will never do this again and in the beginning thought it was great and would be some thing to have, not at that price. Now comes monthly payments due to the credit card bill.
So spam!!!!

Deniese L
United States
IP: ***.***.**.91

3 year ago
I spoke with a representative this morning when I cancelled my auto ship. Was not told I would be charged 98.11 and 89.26 for my risk free trial..
When I spoke with Steven, Senior Representative on the floor, he continued to read from his script about the terms online when I stated the products came with no instructions or terms, not even a number to call. Suggested a better way to inform customers would be to send some information along with the product.
Bottom line risk free trial costs almost $200 and I did not find the product to be beneficial and caused an immediate break out.
Steven has assured me there will be no
more billing and no more products being shipped. I hope this to be the truth. I am very disappointed in the way business is being handled. (Read the fine print)

Judith Wiener
United States
IP: ***.***.***.118

3 year ago
Long story short, I was charged, called to cancel, was told no refund, cancelled (I had ordered two products)and the person was wonderful.

I received a second charge for second product three days later (which I was not told about even after I confirmed three times that I would not have any charge except for the original 98.11. Now I have been charged 89.26 and the woman, Christine was extremely rude right from the beginning, no refund, but at least my account has been cancelled. The product is a fraud and the woman threatened to hang up on me when I tried to explain the first call. Could not talk to her supervisor because according to her there is none. I would not recommend this company or their product to anyone. Just another rip off for woman who want to look better.

poor product poo
United States
IP: ***.***.***.132

3 year ago
They trick you into a "trial" In their email confirmation they say you can call on Sunday 6am - 6pm CST but the message said to call back during regal hours so I could not cancel on the 14th day. Product does not feed natural and is probably just an astringent.

Karen McCarthy
United States
IP: ***.**.***.167

3 year ago
I was tricked into what I thought was a gift from Aviqua. I paid about 10 dollars but had signed up thinking it was free. They needed my credit card information which I provided. The product arrived in what looked like a 2oz. jar. Felt ripped off but thought that was the end of it. Discovered I had signed up for a year getting a product once a month. They had charged my card 100 dollars for what was delivered to my house. After a heated fight with Aviqua the best I could do was pay for the return shipping ($10) and they would credit my visa and cancel the contract.
The product is awful and they are con artists. Don't go near this stuff!!!

United States
IP: ***.***.**.81

3 year ago
I ordered the trial offer and it was shipped very quickly. I tried it and I did see results right away, but the cream itself did not feel...natural. The ingredients are not listed, but they insist they are natural so I'm not sure. But I just didn't like the way the product felt on my skin.

I read a review that said after the 14 day trial they will send you an automatic shipment every month and charge your account $98.11 a month! I promptly called to cancel and they were very polite, but once I assured them I wanted to cancel my order, whaddyaknow I was eligible for a 35% discount. I still did not want to continue my order so they offered me a 50% discount. I still politely declined and now I was suddenly eligible for a 75% discount! Again I declined and was told I would either need to send back the trial product or pay $9.95 to keep it, in which they asked for my 3-digit card number to process the charge. I gave it reluctantly, but it did post for only that amount so I'm just glad I didn't get charged for the autoshipment. I'm so glad I researched it before the trial period was over!

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