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Google Map of 1400 East County Road E, Willmar, 55110, United States
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Tousley Motorsports

Industry: Automotive
Founded: 1971

1400 East County Road E
Willmar, Minnesota 55110

United States

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Tousley Motorsports Reviews

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Jim Lahr
United States
IP: **.***.***.57

10 month ago
I recently purchased a 2007 Harley Davidson from your company. It was the Saturday before the large hail storm in our area. I believe the purchase date was 6/10/17. I was promised by my salesperson and I have it in writing that I would be given a second motorcycle key since there was only one and a owner’s manual. I never received any responses once I drove away from the shop. I called the last week of June and the salesman again stated he was going to get me the 2nd key promised and told me he would send me a link to a web site that I could buy my own owner’s manual. Now 7/29 and no reply’s no keys. Nice way to treat a customer that purchased a $9000 used bike and gave you a great deal on my trade in.
I choose to finance with one of your credit unions. On June 30 I had not received any info so I called and let a message with your finance department. Then on July 6 , still no response from either the sale person or the finance department. I then drove back to you shop on Friday 7/7 and tried to talk with your finance department. I was never given a chance; all the gal at the main counter could do was take my name and email address and stated they would get back to me that day. On Monday 7/10 I was given the name of the credit union my loan was through. After several calls was notified my 1st payment was due on 7/12/17. I was forced to scramble and open an account with them so I could wire the money from my bank to them. My credit score is over 800 because of the way I mange my finances!! I plan on posting this story on every motorcycle site that will let me. Complete horrible customer service, customer relations and a lost customer for life along with a few biker buddies friend of my friend!!

Jim L

claydon mack
United States
IP: ***.***.***.76

2 year ago
Poor customer service misleading sales staff.Service manager never calls back when said he would.Bad attitude over all.Would never send any body to buy or take their motorcycle to service there I had have bike towed to different shop who did the job at half the price.

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