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Google Map of 370 4th Street No. 2 Second Floor, Irvine, 94107, United States
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Code Salon

Industry: Cosmetics

370 4th Street No. 2 Second Floor
Irvine, California 94107

United States

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C M.
United States
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4 year ago
This is my 3rd in a bad run of haircuts over the last 2 months. Because, I've been getting such god awful cuts, I came in prepared in with a dozen pictures of the choppy asymmetrical bob that I wanted. I left with a smooth bob with a lot of altitude at the top of my head and lots of advice on how to keep my hair smooth and straight. She also razored the bangs, so they're really short and uneven, which gives me a little bit of a "dumb and dumber" effect.

Uh, thanks I guess.

I'm growing out my gray hair, and I finally figured out that it's the gray hair that the stylists are reacting to and they assume that I want to be dowdy. It's too bad that going gray = ugly in the eyes of beauty professionals. I'm sure this is why I see women with long gray, unmanaged hair, because when they started to go gray, they got punished by hairdressers (basically) for going against the standards of beauty. So I guess I'm supposed to just wait 50 years to die of old age! Anyway, I used to get compliments on my white streaks, but not with my hair cut like this.

And yes, all three talked to me about coloring my hair.

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