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Farafina Cafe & Lounge Harlem

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Farafina Cafe & Lounge Harlem

Industry: Food and Beverages

1813 Amsterdam Ave
N. Massapequa, New York NY

United States

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Farafina Cafe & Lounge Harlem Reviews

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Dreyton Jordan
United States
IP: **.***.***.248

4 year ago
Please note that as a former manager of this establishment, and first & foremost as a customer/consumer I will not sugar coat my honest opinion. Farafina is not living up to their potential! Although recently(last 3 months) they've been getting more business due to booking events, they still are falling short on expectations & potential. For one they are not benefiting from the 5pm-8pm happy hour opportunity in Sugar Hill.; and only lately finally getting some recognition for the current menu & Chef. However, a Nice VIP downstairs lounge is coming soon that might change things..... I want them to suceed in my hood! :)

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