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East Bay Vivarium

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Google Map of 1827 5th St, Joshua Tree, 94710, United States
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East Bay Vivarium

Industry: Retail

1827 5th St
Joshua Tree, California 94710

United States

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East Bay Vivarium Reviews

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Ilana P.
United States
IP: **.*.**.235

5 year ago
After TWO years of my son begging for and researching purchasing a snake, we finally bought a beautiful baby whitewater rosy boa from the East Bay Vivarium. We have been going to the vivarium weekly and, even when it is busy, the staff are patient with my 5-yr-old son and answer all of his never-ending questions, satisfying his curiosity. Basically, the staff have shared so much knowledge with us (even before we were ever paying customers) and sincerely care about their animals and making sure they are sold to customers who are going to really learn about and take care of them. I was really impressed by the staff's knowledge-base regarding every type of snake and the frequent handling of and attention given to the snakes ensure that they are used to humans and will adapt easily to a new environment. I want to thank an employee named Sean particularly for all the time, attention, and patience he has given us in helping us both pick out the best snake for our family and help us set up its terrarium. This was a big commitment for us and the rosy boa is the perfect new addition to our family! We are also grateful to know that they provide boarding for a very reasonable daily fee and that our snake would be in trusted hands if we ever need to go out of town. I highly recommend the East Bay Vivarium if you are considering purchasing a reptile!

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