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Tobener Ravenscroft LLP

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Tobener Ravenscroft LLP Tobener Ravenscroft LLP is dedicated to fighting for tenant & renter rights in San Jose, Oakland, San Francisco & surrounding Bay Area cities. We have successfully represented thousands of tenants and victims of landlord caused injuries. Our tenant lawyers stop landlord harassment, refusal to repair, & wrongful evictions. In rent-controlled jurisdictions, we fight illegal rent increases, landlord move-in evictions (OMIs and RMIs), Ellis Act evictions...

Industry: Law Practice
Founded: 1999
Phone: 415-504-2165

1300 Clay Street
Oakland, California 94612

United States

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Tobener Ravenscroft LLP Reviews

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Laura S.
United States
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5 year ago
As someone who has never personally studied law, facing a very complicated eviction situation forced me to do some research, which has been very time consuming and stressful. My landlord has been very difficult and clearly wants to kick me out and make more money, rather than have empathy to let me continue to live in my home of 4 years at a decent price. I am still in the middle of this battle, and speaking with Jacqueline Ravenscroft in a phone consultation was the extra push I needed to stay focused and continue this fight. The thought of losing your home and having eviction on your record can be terrifying, especially when your landlord lies to you and tries to use scare tactics to keep you from taking legal action. Jacqueline eased a lot of my fears and in 15 minutes gave me more information than I could have imagined! The law is extremely technical and detailed, so having professionals like these makes the process much less stressful. They are very friendly and immediately working with them will help any tenant battling their landlord feel like theres a fighting chance!

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