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Livingston American School

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Google Map of 580 Gan Xi Road
 Changning District, Pudong District, 200335, China
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Livingston American School

Phone: 817 897 3755

580 Gan Xi Road Changning District
Pudong District, 200335


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United States
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3 year ago
First, this school is based on false principles. They call themselves “American” but they are wanted by the IRS due to not paying taxes. The business has been suspended! How can a school be under accreditation that is operating illegally? Do NOT WORK HERE! The head of school Faustina Martinez is a mule under Thomas Sheng. She will promise staff everything under the sun but it will not be granted. I hate working at this school but under a contract. The “school” makes you sign a two year contract but u set both US and Chinese law; you can only sign for one year. Visas can only be granted for one year. This past year, the school and Faustina Martinez failed to get many staff their visas. She continued to force staff to work illegally. The school was hit with a huge fine by immigration this year due to most of their staff being illegal. Their response was to fire those staff members. It was not the staff’s fault. Therefore making means the rest of the staff lie to parents and giving us extra duties with out pay. It was also revealed that the school has failed to pay taxes both US and Chinese side for the staff. The school just recently started to give invoices with the paycheck. Don’t ask for the breakdown of taxes!!! You will be on the bad list and get yelled out for questioning. The school takes out about 35% for taxes. But where does that money go? We have to self report our income? A high schooler was raped and another one committed suicide last year. All those incidents were never reported to the police and blamed other students and did not take responsibility. The student who was raped was kicked out of school for “mental illness “. Thomas Sheng and he is not an Chinese native. He is about 80 years old and is the sole owner. He has an office at school but has not education background. The school does not have the required board or committees. as not the case at all!

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