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Christian Louboutin Boutique

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Christian Louboutin Boutique

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965 Madison Ave
Bayside Hills, New York NY

United States

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Christian Louboutin Boutique Reviews

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Randi W.
United States
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4 year ago
I absolutely love this boutique! I recently moved to SF from Beverly Hills, and was worried about finding another CL boutique with a great selection and customer service. Well, I realized after my first visit that early this month that I had nothing to be worried about!

The staff is wonderful and knowledgeable. I specifically shop with Mehrnoush and she is AMAZING! She picked up on my style right away, and was just an absolute joy. Everyone should approach customer service the way that she does. She even texted me a couple of weeks later to tell me about a shoe I would absolutely love based on our first conversation (Pensamoi)! Needless to say, I was there a couple of days later to pick them up! Oh, and probably best of all, she's super helpful with advise on basically anything you may need in life: furniture (since I just moved), neighborhoods, restaurants, the list can go on!

And, I can't neglect the other associates such as Jeff. He's always hilarious and knowledgeable about the inventory. It's like visiting with old friends! Can't beat getting amazing shoes and having fun while doing it!

I've only written one other review, but felt compelled to write one because of how wonderful Mehrnoush is as well as the rest of the associates and managers! I think it's particularly important to point out to all of the reviewers commenting on the return/exchange policy that this is the policy across the board for CL boutiques. It's really not the manager's fault and it's not fair for them to take the blame for a company policy. Read the sign that's right by the register!

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