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Valeo Spa Chicagos premier wellness destination, combining fitness facilities, traditional and non-traditional experiences tailored to fit your needs and goals.

Industry: Health, Wellness and Fitness

151 W Adams St
Dixon, Illinois 60603

United States

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Andrew K.
United States
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4 year ago
The sauna was cold/off. There was no chance in heck it would heat up during my stay.

The waiting room offered hot tea....also cold.

My therapist, or someone, forgot about me. @ 15 minutes past my scheduled appointment I could only find someone at the front desk to inquire about my therapist. (I don't like walking to the front desk in my bathrobe and flip-flops.) It was another 10 minutes before the therapist showed. Actually starting my appointment 1/2 hour late put my post-appointment schedule in peril and it was therefore hard to relax. ...and my parking meter expired during this layover.

I told the therapist three times I wanted a deep tissue. Received some kind of Thai body work/stretching....or so I've come to understand. If I wanted body work, I would have requested it. I was merely looking to get out of the cold and find some relaxation before continuing my week.

This 'experience' did not leave me tranquil or relaxed. I actually waited 24-hours to write this post so I could clear my head and make sure I was not to blame. Clearly, I paid a sum of money to be calm and relaxed and left frustrated.

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