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29 Northfield Ave
Wadmalaw Island, 08837

United States

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Jeffrey B Harris
United States
IP: **.**.**.178

3 year ago
I placed an order before 8 am PDT on May 3, 2017 The website charged about $35 USD on an $80 order to have the item shipped on a one day basis.

At 3:30 pm Eastern time on May 3, 2017 I get an email saying that the website under charged for shipping and that the real cost of roughly $70 ($35 more needed to be paid before shipping.)

This is a medical device and the need was urgent, so I paid the balance by credit card over the phone, scratching my head why a) the website would have the wrong shipping cost amount and b) why it would cost $70 USD to ship a relatively light air cast boot.

Today, May 4, 2017 on the purported the delivery day (I have now paid over $70 for one day shipping) , I am informed at 4:29 eastern time that they do not have a suite number for my address and can not deliver the boot. I paid by paypal and confirmed that paypal populated the order with my full address. I called the company but of course everyone has left for the day by 5:20 (I called within an hour of getting the email).

This is a medical product company very poorly serving people with medical needs.

This company is misrepresenting a lot of things - delivery schedules, costs, making up excuses about not having addresses . I can not be the only one so mistreated.

People need to know.

This has been a horrible experience and I still do not have the boot.

Use someone else - ANYONE ELSE.

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