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Xiamen Jalon Import&Export Co.,Ltd

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Google Map of 431,36,Yuxin Building,Jinghuanli,Jiangtou Street,Huli District, Xiamen,China
 , Heze, 361000, China
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Xiamen Jalon Import&Export Co.,Ltd

Industry: Computer Hardware
Founded: 2009

431,36,Yuxin Building,Jinghuanli,Jiangtou Street,Huli District, Xiamen,China
Heze, 361000


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Xiamen Jalon Import&Export Co.,Ltd Reviews

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Nick Gillard
United Kingdom
IP: **.***.***.101

6 month ago
Do not trust this company. Sadly I should have done a web search first and I would have discovered how many people this company have scammed. They had been emailing me product lists and pricing for years. I placed an order for brand new LCDs; just a selection, and paid up front by TT. The LCDs did turn up but they are all junk units refurbished from jumbled parts and in some cases, completely the wrong type of LCD but with a printed label on of the part number I requested. There was not a single item that was new and correct. We have been trying to contact them about returning the LCDs for a refund but they now won't reply.

Silvia Kuiper
IP: **.***.**.51

8 month ago
I did an online police registration, but they said there were no other people who complaned about this webshop by the police. Please stick together and make police work of this SCAM, so this bastard can be stopped... I really hate such people...
There is still hope that the police is doing research and maybe we are getting our money back... and please tell everybody on Facebook about this scammer. I did also. I cannot believe this person is happy about his false money making. In fact, it is a verry sad person who is probibly addicted to this. He will not stop...

Silvia Kuiper
IP: **.***.**.51

11 month ago
I ordered 3 weeks ago a laptop battery, but never got answers by mail or messages back. Phone & Fax Number neither. I don't get it. This person Jesper has a woman and children, how can he be so mean and steel from other people who worked hard for their money? Stay away from http://www.jlnlaptopparts.com
Is there nobody who can do something about this? Can he be hacked? Does somebody have photo's (printscreen) of him as he was on Skype? Why does this Jesper have contact with his buyers? What fun is that?

Michael Mueller
IP: **.***.**.93

12 month ago
Super crooks, FRAUD, scammers, cheaters Stay away from Jlnlaptopparts.com, I emailed this fraudster for 2 months, called 3 times, asked if they can supply paypal, NO paypal. waited looked elsewhere. but no other supplier availabelI ordered a laptop part on their web site, I called multiple times, talked to Jesper repeatedly who is the only man there! but they did not ship nor returned my money and keep telling me the package on its way, after didnt answer the phone anymore, this is one guy with a family who found a way to cheat buyers!!! buyer Beware

PBC France
IP: **.**.***.189

12 month ago
I purchased a laptop battery and paid by wire transfer. The site does not accept credit cards which should have been enough to ward me off however; this site is the only one offering the battery I require so, in desperation, I placed the order.

Having sent a copy of the order and payment confirmation to the support address provided I waited delivery of the battery. After 2 months I had still not received anything. Mails sent to the support address were never replied to.

Finally, I clicked on the Skype link which put me in contact with a Jesper Zhang. I told him I had a question about a laptop battery. He replied instantly!

After explaining the situation politely and providing him with copies of the order and payment he told me he would look into it. He never came back to me and despite several attempts to contact him while he was showing as available on Skype, he would not answer.

This site is there only to scam unsuspecting buyers. Unlike some other Chinese sites where you receive counterfeit or substandard goods, jlnlaptopparts.com just takes the money and has no intention of delivering anything.

Tjomas Meier man
IP: ***.**.*.160

1 year ago
I ordered a laptop PART, Jesper "First name: Heng Liang Last name Qiu" confirmed part in stock. I made payment with moneygram and he told me "part is out of stock" He! Never returned money!

Scam, crook, fraudster! A crook with a website in the US! A one man show crook with a website! Runs this out of his apt., U can hear his wife+kids in the background. NO real COMPANY, No office, no other employees! Just one crook named JESPER! who will never send anything and keep Ur money! Stay away or U will be burned!!!!

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