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Illinois Travel Baseball Club (Illinois Indians)

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Google Map of 23570 N Park Rd, Rosemont, 60047, United States
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Illinois Travel Baseball Club (Illinois Indians)

Industry: Sports
Founded: 2007

23570 N Park Rd
Rosemont, Illinois 60047

United States

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Illinois Travel Baseball Club (Illinois Indians) Reviews

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United States
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3 year ago
My son tried out for a spot on the Illinois Indians, and I received an email that he made the team. The email indicated that he was accepted on the travel baseball team, and that they were happy to have him. Of course, I told my son and he excitedly told his friends and family members. I had a couple of scheduling and cost questions for the team, so I called the number on the website and the acceptance email and reached the head coach fir the older boys. He gave me the number and name for the other coach, of my son's age group, and I called him right away to ask my questions. He said "I don't recognize your son's name", and that he had not "made a decision yet about who would be on his team." I told him about the email, and he said he did not know about it. He told me that he would contact me and let me know if my son made his team. My son's father called him afterward, and asked for a call-back to see if my son made the team, and no one ever called him. I emailed the person who emailed me the acceptance email, and he apologized, but no one ever said whether he had made team. My son's father called again, with no answer and no call back. Then, I learned that although no one called me back or let us know my son did not make the team, the coach told another parent, who we know, that he did not make it. I think that this is bad communication and I wish I never had my son try out. Perhaps this is not on purpose that this happened, but I would not recommend this team or organization for anyone's child. Thank you.

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