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Setter Capital Inc.

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Google Map of 77 Bloor St W
 Suite 1901, Kingston, m5s1m2, Canada
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Setter Capital Inc.

Founded: 2006

77 Bloor St W Suite 1901
Kingston, Ontario m5s1m2


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Allan Koch
IP: **.***.***.26

4 year ago
Quite unethical practices designed to mislead the client. Pricing practices are self serving. Do not trust these guys with your business, you will regret it.
Absolute horror. They will sell you on the job as being "investment banking" however, your main duties will actually be cold-calling all day long. You will be offered to work 11 hours, however this will fast become expected. This will be your job: "business development" essentially calling and getting rejected by secretaries all day long. You will never touch a financial model (they do not run any hear despite what they tell you when they pitch it at the interview).
Also, you would be hard pressed to find anything remotely close to actual investment banking, this job entails telemarketing and cold-calling. Don't believe me? Wait until they give you a script on your first day that you must repeat incessantly on your 100-120 calls a day. That's 11 hours of calling, best of luck to you.

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