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Google Map of 1220 N Market Street, Fenwick Island, 19801, United States
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1220 N Market Street
Fenwick Island, Delaware 19801

United States

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5 year ago
I like working with WizardWriters. This company gives me an opportunity to combine my study and work. Also here I can develop my writing skills and learn something new everyday. Everyone is so friendly here. Thank you guys for such a great opportunity to work with you! You are the best!

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5 year ago
flexible schedule, working from home, high salary (sometimes I can even get a bonus), constant flow of orders.
Papers can be sent back in case revision is needed; sometimes in order to write 1-page paper you need to read the whole book and not always client provides you with additional materials, so be ready to search them on the Internet.

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5 year ago
Hmm… WizardWriters is quite interesting place for work. I am relatively new here, but for now I have my own conclusions.
Conclusion 1. If you work hard, you will be paid accordingly. I spent quite a lot of time writing these different papers, but my endeavors always rewarded accordingly. Only once I had an unpleasant issue and was fined, but I have learned a lesson.
Conclusion 2. Be precise and you will receive the right answer. Once I asked their support staff for help and have not found the necessary response, but then I realized that this was because my question was ambiguous and of course the staff failed to clarify everything.
Conclusion 3. Do what you like and love to do. For now it’s just a perfect place for me.

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5 year ago
It is now difficult to find a good job for students. I tried many options. Frankly speaking, I have heard about freelancing, but was too scared to be cheated. But I took a risk and registered at WizardWriters. I am so happy now! I can earn enough money and work at the time and place I like (at home, during a vacation trip etc.) I trust this company. My salary is always paid in time and in USD! It is just awesome for a Ukrainian citizen. Moreover, support team is available 24/7, and you feel you talk to a real person, not with a robo. It was definitely worth to register here!

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5 year ago
Hmm…What else can I add to the previous reviews? I completely agree with them. I am grateful for the opportunity to work for WizardWriters. As for me the site is very easy to navigate. I like the support team available 24/7 (however, sometimes seems to me that they are not very polite when they put a lot of exclamation marks while talking in chat). Also all writers can place their own bids if they are not satisfied with the price offered. That is a great advantage. Recently I've noticed they are really growing, because the number of orders is increasing every day. I hope that they will keep moving in the same direction. I'm proud to be the part of your team!

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5 year ago
I'd like to tell a few words about this company. I found this website accidentally and registered there. Registration process is quite complicated. Along with the grammar test you have to pass several tests on formatting styles. I've never used such paper formats before, so it was completely new for me. It took me some time to find all the necessary information, learn it and only then I was able to pass those tests. After my application was approved, I started to work and faced another problem: different time zones (I'm from Ukraine, so they could send me a paper in the middle of the night and I had to revise it). Thanks God I explained everything to the support agents and since then the situation has never happened again. Btw, it's really cool and I appreciate that the support team is working 24/7 so I can contact them whenever I need their help. Every time when I'm chatting with them I really feel that they take care of me and doing their best to provide me with the solutions. At the beginning I took only small orders with big deadline and now I try to write big orders with short deadline because the price is much higher. What I really like in this company is that I can work from home, I can decide on my own how many orders should I work on, I can manage my time. I love what I'm doing and for now this is the best place to work!

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