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LMS Thinking - Sydney

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Google Map of 1 Gresham St, Wentworth Point, 2000, Australia
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LMS Thinking - Sydney

Industry: Marketing and Advertising

1 Gresham St
Wentworth Point, New South Wales 2000


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LMS Thinking - Sydney Reviews

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3 year ago
This is a MLM company that promises big to the people they recruit but deliver nothing. There is no base wage (this fact is hidden during the interview stage) and any earnings are commission only. They use cult like techniques to keep their "employees" (everyone is an independent contractor) engaged in the company.

They use direct selling techniques for charities and security systems. If you are a charity and considering using this company please stay away as the way they treat their employees is not ethical.

If you are looking for a job, stay away as you are likely to end up penniless by the end of it. The company expects you to pay for travel and other expenses for 12 hour days, but you are not guaranteed to make any money at all.

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