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Pyxis Care Management

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Pyxis Care Management

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Industry: Individual and Family Services
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209 West Second Street
Fort Worth, Texas 76102

United States

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Pyxis Care Management Reviews

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Denise Woods
United States
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3 year ago
Our family has been experiencing the actions of this company as our father's guardian now for approximately 8 mos. They came recommended to us & after reading their advocacy statement & services provided including decision making that includes client and family members, we agreed they were the guardian we would want for our father. Go read on their website what they promise to provide & then put yourself in their care & imagine the opposite happening. This has been our experience. It was a court mandated guardianship hence we have no choice to fire this company. the court is suspicious & has reopened an investigation into their actions as this company is not providing services they proclaim to provide. Examples: They immediately fired his caretaker against his wishes. They told us she was not going to be fired & still will not admit they fired her. He now has mult. caregivers whom he has no relationship with, does not like or even care to remember their names. He was moved from the facility he was very happy living & thriving in to a facility he does not want to be in, they are aware. He is very unhappy, his mental state has deteriorated and he constantly asking me to come get him out of there. We were informed of the move after it happened. They closed his bank accts & moved his investments. They closed his credit card not stopping his automatic drafts thus incurring penalties & charges. We are not given any information or sent any financial statements as to how his finances are being managed. They are charging outlandish fees for their services & not providing proper invoices to the court. We are told when his money runs out his care will be turned back over to the family. These are just the highlights. Think long & very hard before considering this company for any services. Anybody can say anything on their website, interesting that they do not have any client reviews/comments on their website. That should have been a major clue for us.

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