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Emergency Animal Hospital of Collin County

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Google Map of 10225 Custer Rd, Schertz, 75025, United States
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Emergency Animal Hospital of Collin County

Industry: Veterinary
Founded: 1986

10225 Custer Rd
Schertz, Texas 75025

United States

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Emergency Animal Hospital of Collin County Reviews

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Andrea garner
United States
IP: ***.***.**.153

3 year ago
I brought my dog in moaning in pain and trouble breathing of. Day after Chritmas at 500am. All that was worried about was the payment to test that were highly increased in price.. 800 dollars later with no payment plan offered when requested. My puppy had blockage and even before the 350 dollar x-ray was done vet was talking about surgery which would cost 3000-4000 dollars. Walked out with only labs performed a IV for 1 dose of pain meds and eventually euthanized my dog that was screaming in agony. All about money, not about saving a life of a 11 month old lab puppy. Hate this place

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