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Google Map of 6995 Westbury Avenue #200 , Mont Royal, H3W 2X9, Canada
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6995 Westbury Avenue #200
Mont Royal, Quebec H3W 2X9


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3 year ago
"I just purchased Crossdrilledrotors.ca Concepts Premium Stainless Kote Brake kit for my 335i Xdrive. Crossdrilledrotors.ca is well received on the E90 forums and there product seems to carry quality behind it. I will find out for myself as they arrive. This brake kit is literally half the cost of a OEM kit through the dealer. I also asked for a discount code and saved even more! These guys rock, the rotors looks amazing, the coating is absolutely unique as seen in picture, it is glossy, and resists to rust like no tomorrow, not one spot of rust for over 18 months!!!. "

Chr is
United States
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4 year ago
DO not buy from crossdrilledrotors.ca, rip off. Very slow at shipping and out right lied about it when i called. Had a fraud alert on my credit card not much after. I used a credit card that i never used online or very seldom used anywhere else. Nit saying it was them but seemed a bit strange.
Most of the positive reviews are fake, Look at the person info.

United States
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4 year ago
DO NOT buy from this company they are fraud/scammers con-artists.
I ordered premium X coat rotors and they rusted within first week . They also place luk Schaffer sticker over top of other manufacturer brand label on packaging. They do not respond or know how to handle issues. They Asked me for more money in order to obtain replacement. Don't be fooled by claiming to have quality parts and Canadian what a disgrace! They have stolen my money!

They are terrible with customer service ignore emails and calls there are much better quality products out there I regret this purchase and would not ever buy from this place or recommend don't believe all the good reviews about this company.

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