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Google Map of 7/F Bank of Guangzhou Square No. 30 Zhujiang Dong Rd., Guangzhou, 510623, China
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ETR Law Firm


7/F Bank of Guangzhou Square No. 30 Zhujiang Dong Rd.
Guangzhou, Guangdong 510623


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Hoa Li
Hong Kong
IP: ***.***.***.176

4 year ago
Luo Xiaoming of ETR Law Firm Guangdong Guang Xin branch was my attorney in a case and it was a horrible experience with him.I can not recommend him even to my worst enemy because he took bribe to work against me and played with me,! once I signed my contract, his true colors started to show,Every time we go to court he is late or a no-show. when showed, he sat there like a statue and never objected to anything and agreed with everything that the other attorney said. He didn't have a voice neither did he fight or mention anything that I wanted. I absolutely will not do any future Business or refer any of my Family and Friends to this Lawyer! I am thinking about hiring a lawyer to sue her.I was glad that it was over, you will definitely come out better handling the case on your own!!!

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