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Wireclass Wireclass is a renowned business consulting firms in USA. It provides a high class business development solution, technology training etc. to their clients.

Founded: 2010

19C, Trolley Square
Bear DE 19701, Delaware 19806

United States

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Victim of Wirecl
United States
IP: **.***.***.65

5 year ago
It's an advice to all jobseekers to be aware of "Wireclass.com". Houston, texas based consultancy with branch offices in India too.some of there marketing & Recruiting team work from Delaware office.

Whether you are a citizen holder, new to the country, outside from the country or holding any kind of visa status. Please donot get trapped.
They are a team of six to seven who work here primarily these people will be in contact with you in terms of mails or calls.
Ravi Sharma, Rocky Astel are in the prime lead. Rest 3 or 4 of them are from marketing & recruiting. like Jai Routh, Kaushik Das, Kaushik Dutta They are available on Linkedin too.

They introduce themselves as a consultancy who provides BUSINESS ANALYST & SAS ANALYST COURSE with the lure of job placements with H1 visa sponsorships. They asked from me 1500$ for the BA program. I negotiated and got them to 1000$.Thats how i falled for it. I completed my BA course from Wireclass end of Feb 2015. It was a three month program which started From Nov onwards.

Once i finished my course i started giving interviews 8 to 9 of them. Things started getting fishy with the way the interviewers were taking uo the interviews(with typical Indian accents). Repeated sets of question were asked over and over. None of the numbers from where the telephonic calls were made were traceable.It seemed as if the interviews were being planted for me/us. I was getting disappointed with the failed feedbacks and thus got agitated.

Luckily in the mean time i got in touch with the other previous batch Wireclass victimizers too. Eventually everybody had the same story. To my surprise i even got to know that all were charge different amount for the same BA course. 300$ to 700$.

During those times i stopped giving interviews from Wireclass because things were getting dupious, Unethical & to an extent illegal.
I told Ravi & other team members (Marketing guys) that i would not proceed for any further interviews because i don't trust them anymore. The way the interviews were happening an all. I would only proceed for my interviews unless i see a valid document of my H1.
They passed time, Days & months in giving me some stories over and over. And were reluctant to provide any possible legal documents.
Which eventually means they gave me someones else H1 number & never ever had actually filled my H1.

After all the to & fro i finally withdrawed all my association from Wireclass and asked Ravi Sharma for my refund amount. He again did his old tricks of buying time. I finally gave up and told them that i would put it on social media for all that you guys did including each and everybody name so that the common man is aware of your work.
Therefor this is what i get, a mail from him saying this with HIS EXACT WORDS ........"I will take this email as a evidence and will forward this email to our attorney & whenever you write anything we will track your IP and will reply you. You want to post blogs you can do that and we will also reply you there with your details. The time of marketing we have circulated your resume to different clients we will also share your emails to them.
You have mentioned that you want to fight socially and legally you can do that and we will fight socially and legally."

The whole idea behind putting this review is to make such bunch of jokers realize for what they are doing. Its a sign for us to stop getting fooled because these are some gullible people in the market who don't believe in doing honest days work.

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