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Google Map of Level 14, Lumley House
 309 Kent Street, Burraneer, 2000, Australia
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Bradfield Bentley

Founded: 2011

Level 14, Lumley House 309 Kent Street
Burraneer, 2000


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4 year ago
This company was the most frustrating company that I have ever dealt with. In the beginning there seemed to be quite lofty promises however the frustration grew by no-one ever returning emails, phone calls, numerous account managers which meant every time a new one would come on board a new cycle would begin again. The company's policy seems to be Do not return emails, Do not return phone calls.

Out of sheer frustration and being desperate, I had to take the banks on by myself with no support from these guys. They are really useless. Do yourself a favour and do not use them.

Bradfield Bentley made it seem like they have special relationships with the banks which allow them to negotiate good deals. But it is far from the case,

In the end, I felt that the banks I had to deal with myself were very approachable and I was able to negotiate a good deal with them.

You do not need Bradfield Bentley. They will take your money and cause you a lot of unnecessary added stress.

Realise in you are in a debt situation that you can negotiate with the banks/ collection houses.

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4 year ago
Waste of time and money, I was using this company for over a year and had at least 4 or 5 people take over my account. The second last consultant I dealt with was quite good but like the rest he left the company and no one contacted me for a month. My emails and calls were ignored, they never call you back, They are very good at getting their money from you though, they never miss debiting your account. My experience with this company was not good, in the end I went bankrupt. Out of three creditors I ended up paying more monthly than I did before I started using BB. Interest was not frozen as they said it would, amounts owed increased with the interest added on, letters and calls continued from creditors.

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4 year ago
Absolute garbage and am I now worse than ever before. Had 3 account managers, No Debt Reduction and had to negotiate interest free payments myself.
As they could not negotiate with one bank they waited until it was sold to a collection agency who have now issued a default for an amount that far exceeds what the debt was when I went to these idiots. So much for freezing your debts, interest and stopping defaults on your credit history.

Joe Darbisi
United States
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4 year ago
We cannot thank Stephanie for all her help, guidance and above all her friendship. Her guide ve in assisting us in working out our financials her hard working in acting for us was like a little Saint on our shoulder and thanks to her we are now back on track. I would never hesitate in recommending Bradfield Bently
Kindest regards
Joe and Elena

United States
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4 year ago
I never thought twice about getting help for my financial strife that I got myself in with events that were out of my hands. I sent an email enquiry and they got back to me the very next day. Even with the time difference, they always replied to my emails and my phone calls. I now have a personal loan left over and paying just 1% interest, which has now freed myself financially and I'm back on my feet. They negotiated a payout settlement with all my creditors and I only paid 50% of the total debt. Without them, I would definitely be in a worse state. I would recommend them to anyone who needs to get their finances sorted and their creditors off their backs, without damaging your credit rating.

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5 year ago
Bradfield Bentley did solve my debt problem, however not the way they promised. I would recommend them however there is some room for improvement .

My debt problem began roughly 5 years ago following the GFC. I was unemployed and was using my credit cards to try and pay of my every day living expenses. It created a snow ball effect and eventually I was so over my head that I became extremely depressed.

I was reluctant at first when I contacted them, and sometimes they are very hard to get a hold of. They do eventually get back to you which is re-assuring but they could improve communication.

Once I was placed into hardship I was able to save over $8000 as I was not making repayments or paying interest or fees on some of my cards.

Unfortunately the $8000 was not enough to offer a reduced settlement on my cards, but they were able to organise Long Term Payment Plans on all 3 of my cards with Citibank, NAB and ANZ. I am now paying off my debt with no interest or fees over an 84 month (7 year) period.

I am not servicing my debts and am getting back on top of everything.

Thanks BB!

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