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The Separation/Divorce Resource Centre Inc.

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Google Map of 110 Bearbrook Road, Ottawa, K1B 5R2, Canada
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The Separation/Divorce Resource Centre Inc.

Industry: Individual and Family Services
Founded: 2003

110 Bearbrook Road
Ottawa, Ontario K1B 5R2


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The Separation/Divorce Resource Centre Inc. Reviews

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just say no
IP: ***.***.***.76

2 year ago
I will 2nd all these negative comments about Diane. She chooses sides and brainwashes one person. She has no idea how to handle a situation. She lies and has no concept of tax law being different than family law. Keep all you records of her as you will need them once she changes her story. I saw her back in 2014/2015 and the best thing that happened with her, was finally leaving her!

One I saw a lawyer and mentioned Diane by name he literally laughed in disgust and took it from there and put her in her uneducated place.

Mom of boys
IP: ***.**.***.2

2 year ago
Diane is not a qualified professional therapist. It seems she has trouble being professional at all. After several meetings with Diane, it was obvious that she was completely unable to be an unbiased neutral party. Diane was opinionated, berating, argumentative and rude. Stay away from this place, and NEVER let her facilitate a family session! I am still dealing with the fallout of her incompetency and mission to prove me the root of all evil to my children. I will never ever refer anyone to this place of business.

Please read.....
IP: **.***.***.170

4 year ago
I'm concerned about anyone going to Diane Valiquette for counselling.

Diane Valiquette does not have the education or hold any degrees and should not be counselling people.

Diane does teach a "Rebuilding Relationship Workshop" ....however going to her for anything else would be a concern.

When you call the centre you are told Diane charges $150.00 an hour for counselling. You are also told that these charges for counselling cannot be submitted to your insurance company because Diane is not a registered member ie...she is not a Social Worker, Psychiatrist, etc.. Why would you not seek out a professional with the proper credentials and have your sessions covered by your insurance?

It is important for person seeking counselling to use a registered counsellor/therapist these persons have to hold to a certain standard. Diane does not belong to any association therefore she cannot be held accountable for any wrong doing on her part. This is very important...please do your research!

Diane also offers mediation......would you want to put the outcome of your family and finances to someone without the proper credentials. Look for a mediator from ADR Ontario or the OAFM. These associations provide a regulatory structure to ensure members adhere to high standards of professionalism. If Diane made an error in mediation you have no recourse! Is this something you would want to risk!!!!!

IP: **.***.***.170

4 year ago
I went to Diane Valiquette for counselling with my spouse. We each had an individual session with her...found out a few days later Diane disclosed everything I said in my private session with my spouse!!! PLEASE ask her about confidentiality prior to counselling.

Carla Bright
IP: **.***.***.170

4 year ago
Please run away from this place.

I went for mediation...I ended up going to a lawyer who pointed out all the mistakes they did.

Hire yourself professional's!

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