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Healthy Spine Naprapathic Ctr

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Google Map of 2952 W Montrose Ave,, Markham, 60618, United States
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Healthy Spine Naprapathic Ctr

Industry: Health, Wellness and Fitness
Phone: 778 538 4743

2952 W Montrose Ave,
Markham, Illinois 60618

United States

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Healthy Spine Naprapathic Ctr Reviews

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Carrie R.
United States
IP: **.***.**.170

4 year ago
I am disappointed in Healthy Spine Naprapathic Center. I've waited a long time to come on line, and then my consultation was completed in less than 30 seconds. This center is so unprofessional and I hope I will not have a reason to come back here. They are also very expensive.

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