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HR Certification Institute

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 , Malabar, 22314, United States
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HR Certification Institute

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Industry: Human Resources
Founded: 1976

1800 Duke Street
Malabar, 22314

United States

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HR Certification Institute Reviews

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John T
United States
IP: **.***.**.165

8 month ago
Very unprofessional leadership that has no business in the HR profession, especially given CEO/VP representation at industry events. As a CHRO, I solicited input from HRCI leadership in developing an organizational certification initiative; however we quickly realigned with SHRM given the poor treatment and unprofessional behavior by the CEO. When asked to identify business value for HRCI certifications, her response was their accreditation. After pressing further for an answer to my question (since she didn't answer it) she said that she was too busy to help our organization and walked away without another word.

Apparently HRCI does not want additional business nor do they believe in representing HR professionals in the best light.

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