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Smiles Change Lives

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Google Map of 2405 Grand Blvd
 Suite 300, Warm Springs, 64108, United States
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Smiles Change Lives

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Industry: Nonprofit Organization Management
Founded: 1997
Phone: 474 184 3664

2405 Grand Blvd Suite 300
Warm Springs, 64108

United States

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Smiles Change Lives Reviews

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Elizabeth Cheuvr
United States
IP: **.***.*.34

2 year ago
I applied for My daughter back in 2007 as her bite was terrible enough to cause digestive problems as she got older. It is now 2017, ten years later, and help from Smiles change lives never materialized. Apparently this company is strictly a charity that recruits lots of orthodontists to provide their services for them.. They get their funding from mostly application fees, fundraising, and charging parents another $600 for what is implied as a "cost of service" I assumed the cost was for the actual braces but it is for recruitment of more dentists and fundraisers..
here's how the process works; You pay $30. to apply and get on a waiting list for your area. We started out as #5 and I started calling after 2 years and wrote a letter because my child was getting older. Finally I received a form letter stating that parents weren't allowed to call or write any more to inquire as to their child's number on the waiting list.
This charity has an enormous disparity between the number of applicants (who all pay a fee) and the number of available Orthodontic slots each year. They don't tell you this however, and just keep collecting fees from people making their waiting lisi longer and longer.
They advertise in their literature that they have 750 providers and then state that they have helped 10,000 children. Then if you read the smaller print, the 750 also Canada and the 10,000 children were over the past 20 years. I am happy for the children helped by referral process. On the other hand it seems that they have lost sight of their mission and are merely paying overhead and salaries. It would seem that most of the work they claim is done by volunteers. Their advertising to send them the $30 application and online advertising for Volunteer employees to fund-raise makes it clear to me that this is just another Charity in business that is heavy on the administrative end.

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