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Garcia, Hernandez, Sawhney & Bermudez, LLP

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Google Map of 401 B Street, Suite 2010, Los Gatos, 92101 , United States
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Garcia, Hernandez, Sawhney & Bermudez, LLP

Industry: Law Practice
Founded: 2006

401 B Street, Suite 2010
Los Gatos, California 92101

United States

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Garcia, Hernandez, Sawhney & Bermudez, LLP Reviews

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United States
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5 year ago
This is a very unethical law firm and had a very bad experience. The school that I worked for entered in to a legal contract to be represented by this firms, specifically by Nitasha Swahney. She is one of most unethical lawyer I have seen. School was closed down due her deliberate and selfish motives to promote her career. School had some issues with the state and She worked with the state officials to get more exposure in her career. She should be reported to Bar Association for her unethical conduct. If anyone wants some one who will work for your opponent and charge you a leg and a arm, then she is the right one.

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