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Google Map of Oakland House
 Talbot Road, Old Trafford, Thornton-Clevelys, M16 0PQ, United Kingdom
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PH Media Group PH Media Group provides industry-leading audio branding, On-Hold Marketing and music across the UK and Europe.

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Industry: Marketing and Advertising
Founded: 1998

Oakland House Talbot Road, Old Trafford
Thornton-Clevelys, Lancashire M16 0PQ

United Kingdom

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Mark John
United Kingdom
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1 year ago
Shocking terms and conditions. Be warned, if you miss the deadline, you will be stung for the whole term again. Company not interested in any form of compromise whatsoever.

We thankfully only signed for 12 months and were not warned by the sales individual that if this date was missed you would be billed for the same period again, irrespective. our payment pattern was quarterly and you would have thought a one quarter payment would be sufficient as a cancellation? not with PH Media Group.

To further add insult to injury, even though you are billed the same period again you are not permitted to use the licence as you have cancelled the contract.

I would not recommend, find an alternative, there are plenty out there.

George Jograj
United States
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3 year ago
Doing business with an off shore (foreign) company is mostly avoided in the USA. When the sales rep from phMedia contacted me, I was already using a USA OHM company.
At the end of his presentation, I was impressed and signed up. Within days, phMedia's tech team went to work, and in less than 2 weeks my OHM system was up and running much better than our previous company.
My business is retail and seasonal, depending on constant OHM updates to move our products.
phMedia has surpassed our expectation, and so user friendly, that all we need to do is tell them the holiday or product we are moving, and they do the rest. Within days the new script is written and emailed to us for review and approval. The recorder OHM is sent to us via email, we download, install on the player, and boom...we are up and running with a new OHM.
Thank you phMedia.

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