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IBS Millwork

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Google Map of 8501 Buckeye Timber Dr., Chase City, 20109, United States
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IBS Millwork IBS Millwork provides custom architectural millwork for the commercial interiors industry in Washington, DC, VA, and MD.

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Industry: Construction
Founded: 1984

8501 Buckeye Timber Dr.
Chase City, Virginia 20109

United States

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IBS Millwork Reviews

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William Flynn
United States
IP: ***.**.***.77

11 month ago
IBS has a beautiful building and on the surface seems to have a great company but once you start playing ball they strike out miserably. The company's biggest problem is employee turnover, just in the past 5 years many project managers have come and gone, same with estimating and engineering, IBS seems to have some serious malfunction with its leadership. I have personally heard the owner of the company curse and swear at the employees using extremely fowl language even with the female employees. Its too bad he can not control his anger otherwise employee turnover would diminish thus production will go up and perhaps IBS will meet deadlines rather than overshooting them..

Past Customer
United States
IP: **.**.***.93

4 year ago
great product, great to work with, very innovative and collaborative. they were the premier sub-contractor on our project.

Past Customer
United States
IP: **.***.**.106

5 year ago
Great end product but weak team coordination. Many schedule delays and excuses in addition to high management turnover rate. Do not let the empire effect fool you.

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