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American West Beef Company

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American West Beef Company Buy Kobe Beef, Wagyu, Aged Steaks, Beef, Pork, Lamb, Poultry, and Seafood at AmericanWestBeef.com.

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American West Beef Company Reviews

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4 month ago
I ordered Bison steaks and a Lamb Roast. At least 2 steaks were received with split plastic wrap and not sealed. The Lamb Roast was sealed. I grilled the one steak that was sealed. When I tried to eat the steak, it was extremely tough with grizzle in every bite. It didn't have the sweet taste of Bison, It tasted more like beef.

I sent pictures of one steak that was not sealed to American West Beef Company and they responded that they would refund the cost of one steak and also take corrective action with their packers.

I never received a refund and did not receive a response to my follow-up.

I will never again order from this company.

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